Monday, October 6, 2008

Committee Suit: The Masked Self

I am the one who protects you. I am the one with stilted face, showing a careful persona created for the world. I am one of many colors and shapes, the yin and the yang, both soft features and chiseled ones, the face of refinement and yet primal and raw. I am one of many masks, each one created with love and born of experience to shield the vulnerable you.

My gift to you is adaptability. When sudden changes take place, I help you to forge ahead and handle them. I give you the chameleon's gift, one that enables you to travel in many circles. I also give you protection when your wounded center is being attacked for with me draped around you, your attacker is confused and they only harm the outer shell.

I want you to build your strength while I protect you, but also view what is behind the mask. Delve deeply and understand the center and know the masks remain at your disposal when you next need them. but I want you to need them less often with each healing.

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The process of SoulCollage®

When I first discovered the process of SoulCollage® , I was attending an annual women's retreat in Arizona. As a professional artist, the workshop description of a creative collage experience really piqued my interest, particularly as it was focused on exploring the self - something very familiar to me. I had never heard of SoulCollage® but within the few hours of the workshop, I knew it touched me deep within my soul and spoke to me in a way that was a natural, creative companion to my journaling, writing, and self-discovery work. Working with these small creations, I leave the behind the world of the rational mind, concrete logic and the need to strive for perfection and I step into imagination, poetry and imagery as the process takes wings.

SoulCollage® is a unique process developed by therapist Seena Frost over twenty-five years ago which takes symbols, images, spiritual practices and reflection on archetypes to create small artistic collages that illustrates one's story. Each card is very personal and represents portions of one's journey, yet is also creative and fun to do as a group with others. Quiet reflection combined with the intuitive process of creating these collages opens up yet another world of expression as one taps into an inner knowing and journal the words, prayers and inspiration that arise from this process.

With this process, a deck of artistic cards is created - small collages that represent your personal mythology and the many aspects of your very self, your soul, and all the guides and companions that walk your journey with you. Each "suit" represents one of the following facets of your life: a part of your personality, people who support you, an animal that has special significance to you or a mythical or religious figure which guides you. Anyone can make these cards and there is no artistic skill needed. By "paying attention" to your life, the images from various ordinary magazines and other published works will almost choose you.

This blog was created in order to share my collages with students, family and friends that are interested and eager in begining this collage and journalling process.

- Debbie Cannatella